ABACAR invites you to discover an authentic Africa thanks to a wide choice of tours and the assistance of professional tour guides, whose aim is to make an unforgettable memory of your stay in GHANA.

Some detailed programmes will be gradually added on line, but in the meantime should you wish to get information about some programme you are thinking about, please feel free to contact us so that we can let you have a proposal as fast as possible.

Adventure Tours

ABACAR specificity is to organize adventure tours across the country. Basically designed to get to uneasy to reach places where you can explore the real various Ghanaian ways of living, those tours will be achieved thanks to different ways of transportation that include 4WD vehicles, motorbikes and simply walking.
Some will require more skill or physical aptitudes than others and we range them from * (easy) to *** (difficult).

Week-end or one day trips

Should you be on a business trip to Ghana and wish to spend one day or a week-end touring, ABACAR team will be glad to give you a quick overview and a better understanding of this wonderful country. A visit of a monkey sanctuary or to Kakum National Park is even possible on such a short period of time as well as a tour by the Volta Lake…

Historical Tours

ABACAR offers a selection of tours showing the rich and at times sorrowful history of Ghana.

Pleasure Tours

If you simply want to enjoy resting on one of the sandy palm-fringed Ghanaian beaches and why not go for a unique deep see fishing experience just tell us your requirements and we will again come back to you with an personalized offer.

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