Republic of Ghana

Republic of Ghana

If you wish to travel to Africa, GHANA is obviously an ideal destination. This country is ruled by a democratic government since 1992, with alternation of power between the 2 main political parties every 8 years so far. GHANA is a safe & friendly country and once you have come here, you can never forget the interesting culture, history, the variety of landscapes, the warm and welcoming people, the beautiful beaches, the wildlife…

ABACAR Tours organizes tours in GHANA and also in neighbouring countries: TOGO, BENIN and BURKINA FASO (we hope to go again to COTE D’IVOIRE very soon). You will be with one of our tour guides who are all professionals and the best link to local peopl

e. We can speak English

and French basically.

As a designer of memories, ABACAR Tours specializes in Tailor Made Tours, considering your requirements and providing a programme fitting to them. We can propose any type of tour that you may wish,

Trekking in remote areas discovering the way of life of people in the countryside, trekking in mountainous areas where you will both meet Ghanaian people and have a healthy physical activity

Eco-tours focusing on wildlife with the visit of National Parks and Game Reserves where you will have the chance to see lots of mammals, birds, butterflies, etc… Ghana hosts more than 750 bird species for instance!

Discovery tours in air conditioned vehicles, stopping at towns and villages where you will have the chance to be in touch with people and cultures, sleeping in typical hotels or guesthouses

Cultural tours, with a festival as a highlight that will give you the opportunity to “dive” into local music, dancing and uses

Historical tours, following part of the Salves Route and visiting some of the castles along the coast from where slaves boarded ships to the Americas and the Caribbean islands. You may also discover the Ashanti people who fought for their independence against the British, led after the capture of their King by their Queen Mother: Yaa Asantewaa

Leisure tours, enjoying beaches and many other touristic attractions along the coast or the Lake Volta for instance

Weekend tours for visitors coming for business and wishing to start learning about Ghana on an overnight trip or a one day trip

And many more combinations of all these proposed options!

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