Richard Leemind & his family



I now have more time.

I wanted to let you have our feedback and thoughts.

Overall, a very good holiday however our thoughts for other guests would be the following;

•  Not tried to achieve so much on the first day
•  Possibly miss out the butterfly sanctuary, which was a little disappointing
•  Really liked Mole but would try to get one of their chalet rooms from the outset (thanks for sorting for the other nights)
•  he Kente waving and fabric printing trip was superb and the family really enjoyed it.
•  Akwasinde was well worth seeing
•  Very happy with Sir Max hotel- very god for families.
•  It was essential to have a driver/guide and Selassie was superb- not just the quality of his driving but also his knowledge of the country, current affairs and the fact that he never rushed us along.
•  With hindsight it might have been easier for the cost not to include dinner, as we sometime would have had the main meal at lunch.
•  Busua as a place was very relaxing but the hotel is lacking in character.
•  The stilt village is interesting but clearly the residents and guides are only interested in the money !
•  The order of the itinerary was great (the travelling and then the beach time).
•  Anomabo was like heaven and would have liked to have stayed there for a couple of nights
•  Elmina and Cape Coast both fascinating and well worth visiting both.

Thank you so much for arranging this for us. You have an amazing country with great people.

Best wishes


CK Kiwi