Our Philosophy

We like to share our philosophy of travelling and discovering different regions, people, cultures...
We hope that you will like it and that it will fit to your own way of travelling.

  • Travelling is a way of escaping  the routine of our daily lives carrying unequalled freedom
  • Travelling is the ideal gateway to the surrounding world
  • Travelling reveals a deep will to discover other regions, other landscapes, other climates, different cultures, men and women who also look forward to meeting diverse people
  • Travelling means acceptance of diversity and an unfeigned determination of adaptation to differences
  • Travelling leads to an unrivalled richness thanks to the knowledge and wisdom it carries and the tolerance it develops and preserves
  • Travelling is an everlasting search: “better travel with a hopeful heart than reach any final destination…”


By receiving small groups we intend to go and meet Ghanaian people and their ways of life. While travelling through the different regions of the country, you will then discover the variety of cultures as well as climate and vegetation. Most of the times, the best memories are those we share with people we have met as we have learned to know each other.




While travelling, we do not hesitate to stop at places where we can spend such unforgettable moments, going for a walk to a waterfall or coming across the way of working of some craftsmen for instance.

Ghana presents a very wide range of guest houses and hotels for lodging visitors and we also rather stop and spend the night in such a place than in a standard international hotel. The guest houses & hotels that we have selected are sometimes quite rustic and simple but clean, welcoming, and give the opportunity to meet the persons in charge and the staff. We actually do our best to offer a balanced set of accommodations during your tour, so that you can also relax in more comfortable places after a few days in the bush for instance.

Ghana offers a fantastic nature that visitors will enjoy while visiting one of the National Parks or simply along the road. But we never forget that this wonderful environment is also very fragile and has to be preserved. Therefore we will ask our guests to be respectful of nature during their stay, so that you can find it intact when visiting Ghana again.



We usually propose tailor made tours, designed according to your specific wishes. Based on your requests, we can work out a high variety of itineraries, trekking, adventure tours, leisure tours, historical tours, etc… We have a short questionnaire that we can send to you so that your replies will guide us to design YOUR TOUR.



To make it short, we hope that we can give you a chance to discover Ghana as if you were coming here to visit relatives who would take you around showing you the most interesting places and taking you to their warm Ghanaian friends.

CK Kiwi