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Mole National Park

The Mole National Park is the largest park in Ghana, covering about 4,577 km². Located mainly in Northern Region of Ghana between Tamale and Wa, this savana habitat is housing a wide variety of wild life including various monkeys (such as baboons and patas monkeys), several buck species, elephants, buffalos, warthogs, etc... You can have a walk around every morning and every afternoon with very professional and kind staff of the Wild Life Division. Accomodation and food are available at the Mole Motel as well as a very pleasant swimming pool!

A beautiful and old mosque can be visited in the village just south of the Mole Park: Larabanga...

Should you feel like getting a first impression of the park, you can have a look at the following pictures, just before you decide to come and discover it by yourself together with ABACAR Tours.

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CK Kiwi