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Tongo Hills

The small village of Tongo, also called Tengzug, is located about 15km south-east of Bolgatanga and is famous for the hills that surround it. During Harmattan, the wind blowing from the north from December to February whistles through the hills. The place is also known for its shrines and caves where people were hiding not to be caught by slave raiders during the slave trade and also for its resistance to the British. It is now a very peaceful and lively place, very well organised for visitors to have a nice stay and wonderful memories. You can meet there Prince Abdallah, an official tour guide who is also the son of the former chief and who has built some simple traditional houses where people can lodge for a night or two.

You can have a look at the following pictures, just before you decide to come and discover the Tongo Hills by yourself together with ABACAR Tours.

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