Ecotourism & Trekking - Ghana - West Africa

Should you like to discover GHANA in an unusual way, allowing you to see small villages lost in the bush and find out how people process the palm wine and "Akpeteshi", which is a strong liquor produced by distillation of palm wine, we will be pleased to take you along small foot paths going through such marvellous places. You will be guided by local guides who know  very well these places and the people you will meet on the way. Home stay can be organised as well as tents if you want and you will also have the opportunity to taste local food prepared especially for you at home.

Our trekkings are organised on a plateau at an average altitude of 450 to 500m above sea level, going down to about 100m above sea level. You will walk about 4 to 6 hours daily as a standard, but it can be adapted to your requirements

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We will be glad to find you an unforgettable destination fitting to your wishes... 

ABACAR selection includes tours focussed on the numerous Ghanaian National Parks. Should you be passionate for nature, come along with our skilled guides who will show you the richness of the Ghanaian wild life



Ghana is a rare West African country where you can walk through the canopy of a primary forest and observe elephants along with other big African mammals as well as an amazing quantity of birds and butterflies.



You can also enjoy the beauty of the Volta Lake, about 200km long from south to north and along which you will see many birds and why not have a short canoe ride for fishing?



Another peaceful and interesting place is the Lake Bosumtwi, near Kumasi. A major meteorite impact that occured 1.1 million years ago generated this 10km diameter lake. Thetraditional legend says that long time ago a hunter killed a holly antilope with an arrow at that place and as it never stopped bleeding, it created the lake. Fishermen have to use canoes with a flat bottom, as it is not allowed to "cut" the holy waters of the lake...




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